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This guide is for the average internet user. The internet user who is sick of government spying. The internet user who is done letting their ISP sell personal information and browsing history to the highest bidder.

This guide will not teach you everything you need to know, that's impossible. Networking technology is ever-changing, and your adversaries have a budget larger than the net worth of some 3rd world countries. The internet is the single greatest medium for freedom of expression, but it is also the single greatest tool for your adversary to monitor/profile/flag you. Until the advent of the internet, governments didn't know your political opinion until you voted. They didn't know your sexual desires, your banking information, your interests and hobbies, your friends, your girlfriends. They didn't have samples of your voice, they didn't have hundreds of pictures of your face for facial recognition software.

Our mission is simple. Bring you to a better understanding of internet security, and show you multiple methods of concealing your identity on the internet.


We want you to contribute your updates, corrections, or guides to our site. This is a collective effort to give every user a fair chance at privacy.

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